Go-To-Market Services

arrow-target1So you’ve put together a winning market strategy. Will you actually win?

Turning a marketing strategy into effective go-to-market activities is not always a simple process. Having someone who really understands your goals and targets to develop go-to-market plans and communications materials can be a critical step in ensuring that your message hits the mark the way that you want it to.

Shore’s ability to support your marketing strategies doesn’t stop at the board room. With years of experience in developing sales and marketing communications in print, online, video and audio, Shore can help you to define and to implement marketing communications and sales plans that ensure a higher degree of sales success.

Key Shore services for go-to-market excellence include:

  • Sales profile development – Identify buyer profiles for likely key accounts and sales contacts, and the most likely approaches to sales development.
  • Sales scripts and go-to-market statements – What does your sales force say to get past “hello?” Shore can help to deliver the right words to deliver at the right time through correspondence and conversations.
  • Sales team briefings – You get the vision of where you want to bring your marketing strategy. How can you ensure that your sales teams are energized to believe it? A presentation by Shore to a sales meeting can help them to feel that they, too, have awareness of the key trends that will open doors in sales calls to more senior contacts.
  • Sales collateral development – Web site content, white papers, webinars and speaking engagements are all important arenas in which Shore strength in developing marketing communications can help your prospects to get the right picture more clearly.
  • Interim management – Is your new product or service stretching your management team beyond its limits? Shore’s experience in content and technology product and service development and delivery can help you to take advantage of immediate market opportunities while you fill out your staffing needs.

Contact us soon if you’d like to turn your prospects for successful sales to a better path.

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