Marketing Strategy Analysis

Strategy-Chess1You know how to run your organization and to drive its market strategy. But are you moving it in the right directions? Advisory services from Shore Communications Inc. have played a critical role for many senior executive teams needing to embark on new and bold initiatives in content and technology markets. Shore helps you to address key marketing strategy questions such as:

  • What are the trends that are most important to respond to?
  • How soon should you take advantage of emerging opportunities?
  • How fast should you move? How far?
  • How can you get your management team on board with the message that change is required?

Shore has been at the forefront of analyzing key trends in enterprise and media content and technology markets for more than fifteen years. Our award-winning ContentBlogger weblog has defined many key trends months and even years before others have accepted their potential impact. We communicate clearly and effectively on market strategy to all levels of management and can be effective facilitators of management teams seeking to define common ground on sensitive marketing strategy decisions.

Key styles of Shore engagements to accelerate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies include:

  • Industry briefings – In-depth views of emerging trends in content and technology markets and how they relate to your market strategy and competitive landscape.
  • Market strategy assessments – In-depth analysis of market and product strategies in comparison to key trends, positioning in the competitive landscape and recommendations for moving ahead into new product, service and go-to-market initiatives, including pricing, positioning, product/service content and design, revenue strategies and marketing communications.
  • Management coaching and facilitation – Help your management team to “think outside the box” more effectively using on-site, online or offsite strategy discussions aided by  Shore’s knowledge of both the best discussion and idea-generating facilitation techniques and awareness of your market landscape – or engage a Shore analyst on a periodic basis to review your strategies as they unfold with top managers and board members.
  • Acquisition evaluation – Evaluations of the operations, products, services and sales of potential content and technology acquisitions from a strategic perspective.

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