Our Principles

Since its founding in 1997, Shore has been guided by the following principles as we develop our organization and its relationships with you and others in our community. Our hope is that they will continue to provide a unique approach to how we approach our work and our lives.

Founding Principles

shorewaveWe have chosen Shore as our company name because we believe that the energies that work at the intersection of oceans and land best represent the forces at work in creating the powerful results that we wish to attain. Like a wave formed deep at sea that crashes upon the shore, the energy required to create something is far deeper than it may appear to be at first. Sometimes it is only as we approach our goal that the depth of our efforts becomes evident. It is then that we see that while in the act of creation all efforts may appear to be equal, some will fall short of their goal, while others will gain in strength even as they are approaching their goal.

The ability to deliver the results of deep creative energy should always be the difference at Shore Communications. It is not enough to have that energy, and not deliver: it is not enough to deliver without the benefit of a unique, creative difference that should be instantly recognizable in everything that we provide to our customers. We do not just deliver products and services: we deliver an expression of everything that we can be, and want to be.

What we can be, and should always strive to be, is:


Success can come only when we respect the truth and the need for people to share the truth with one another in a trustworthy manner. Our public and private communications should always strive to avoid bias based on commercial relationships or other motives that might distort what people must truthfully understand to make informed decisions.


We take the time to listen carefully to our customers, our fellow workers, and our fellow competitors, opening our minds and hearts to everything that is offered to us. We may be intuitive in our assessment of these offerings, but we take nothing for granted. We question where others may have always assumed the answers. Through this we gain unique insights to fuel the creative solutions that are the basis of our competitive advantage.


We take great joy in creating our products and services, and we find the best ways possible to do so. We try to stretch the limits of our imaginations and abilities to seek out improvements in the way that we do our work. We approach our work in an orderly fashion, knowing that a professional job ensures not just quality but our ability to sustain satisfaction with our work.


It is not enough to beat the competition: our main competitors are ourselves, and our desire is to constantly improve our individual abilities and the abilities of those with whom we work. We are honest with ourselves and one another in seeking improvements, but we strive to communicate with respect for the dignity of our customers and fellow workers. It is only then that we can all have the strength to tear down what needs to be removed in order to build something better.


We are always striving to achieve more than our competitors through our constructive efforts. Our strength, though, as measured through profits, only reaches its full potential when the entire organization benefits fairly and proportionately from those gains. We reward and develop individual talent, but the creative strength of the organization as a whole and of the virtual community that it supports is our main focus. Fairness should underwrite all of our activities to ensure that fellowship, respect and trust prevail.

May we find blessings, peace and strength through our good work.

John Blossom
Shore Communications Inc.