Where content, technology and people meet is where Shore provides you insight

Is this where your marketing strategy focuses? If not, Shore can help.

Content. Technology. People. At the intersection of these three key forces lies the greatest value for online products and services today.

In a Web economy inundated with more content and more technology than ever before, your brand needs to work harder to prove its value at this intersection if you want to grow your markets most effectively.

The research and advisory services of Shore Communications Inc. have helped leading executives to maximize their performance at the intersection of content, technology and people for more than fifteen years. Our award-winning insights have powered dozens of companies‘ marketing strategies to new heights of performance.

We help because often “content people” or “technology people” don’t see clearly how these three factors combine to influence the potential for growth. That includes many research and advisory services, which often focus more on traditional marketing and purchasing patterns than emerging cross-discipline market trends.

Media and information services want technology efficiency, but may avoid any radical transformation to their marketing and production goals. Tech services want to show how their features create efficiency, but may fail to understand how to position them for customers more interested in the resulting content. And both content and technology specialists may miss the “people factor” – what people really want from a product or service in terms of their personal and professional goals.

How we help you

Shore can help your management team to make better decisions about your marketing strategy wherever you are in the cycle of developing content and technology products and services. Shore helps you to:

  • KNOW YOUR MARKETS – Get a deeper understanding of the size, value and needs for your existing and potential markets through market research, interviews, competitive intelligence and analyst briefings.
  • FOCUS YOUR STRATEGY – Engage Shore to analyze your marketing strategy and to position and advise you on how to position it for maximum success.
  • EXECUTE ON TARGET – Develop go-to-market plans and materials that communicate exactly the right messages for the right audiences and get experienced support to make them happen.

Our engagements

Shore works with you flexibly to define highly confidential engagements that meet your goals either incrementally or on a “drop everything” basis. Our research and advisory services can be provided on a fixed-cost project basis or a retainer basis, depending on whether you need specific problems solved or more open-ended consultations with industry experts. We can also be engaged to speak at public or private events on key topics focused on the leading edge of content and technology market trends to stimulate the thinking of your management teams, customers and prospects. However you engage Shore, you’ll find that you’ve invited some of the best thinking in the industry into making your marketing strategies fly like never before.

Let’s get started

Please contact us today to start the process of increasing the value of your products and services. We’ll be glad to provide some initial thoughts on a strictly confidential basis.